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My work is probably more influenced by my left handedness than I give it credit!


In both my Stoneware Statement pots and functional Earthenware I aim to create eye-catching pieces.


I hand build, either in coils or with slab work and decorate with slips.

All my pieces are Monochrome.


When applying the slip, I make rhythmic brush strokes, having taken some measured breathes.

In my mark making I endeavour to reflect the energy and dynamism that comes from my handwriting.


This instinctive movement and spontaneity result in calligraphic and abstract marks and textures.

This gives my pots a unique surface decoration which, I hope, creates unusual and pleasing pots.



My creative journey has led from Fashion and Textile Design to Interiors and Ceramics.

I worked in the wardrobe department of The English National Opera and then for the Fashion designer Paddy Campbell, before making wedding dresses.


Four children later, I found myself illustrating greetings cards for Phoenix Trading and then decided to retrain as an Interior Designer, working with my architect husband, Richard, to create residential schemes that looked good, but also worked well and were comfortable.


 A move to North Oxfordshire enabled me to have a wonderful workshop in the canal-side village of Lower Heyford. Here I can immerse myself in creating the type of ceramics I was always trying to specify but could never find.

Now I make pottery which adds impact ....pieces that I hope are inspirational, but also practical.

Not so special that they becomes too precious, but useful and enjoyable.

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